Structural Biology Demonstrations

Welcome to this visual introduction to the fascinating world of structural biology. The following demonstrations will illustrate a number of important aspects of the structure of organic molecules and biological macromolecules:

The demonstrations use the open source JMol software, and should work in any recent web browser with HTML5 support, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer (starting with version 9). Each demonstration also has an alternative Java version, whihch should work slightly faster, but requires a Java plugin to be installed in the browser.

Loading the larger models over the internet can take up to a minute. It is also possible to download all structure files as ZIP file. These models can be visualised with a range of different programs:

These demonstrations are based on the biochemistry practicals at the Faculty of Sciences and Applied Biological Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Contact Lieven Buts for commonts or additional information.