Group Members

Group Leaders


Nico van Nuland

Prof. dr. ir. Nico van Nuland is responsible for the management of the Jean Jeener NMR Centre. His interest is in improving the understanding of the fundamentals of biological processes such as protein folding-unfolding-misfolding and protein stability, but particularly that of protein-protein interactions, primarily using high-resolution NMR spectroscopy.

Remy Loris

Prof. dr. ir. Remy Loris has extensive expertise in the determination of macromolecular structure by X-ray crystallography. In particular, he is interested in the mechanisms of action of intrinsically disordered proteins and in mechanisms of transcription regulation. Toxin-Antitoxin (TA) modules are used as model systems in several research projects.





Dr. ir. Lieven Buts is a VIB Post-Doc. His primary topic is the structural biology of prokaryotic toxin-antitoxin systems. After many years of experience with crystallography, he is now exploring the endless possibilities of macromolecular NMR.

Dr. Ariel Talavera Pérez is supported by a Pegasus grant and is working on cyclin-mediated regulation in a collaboration with prof. Lieven De Veylder (VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology).


PhD Students



Steven De Gieter

ir. Steven De Gieter is working on cyclin-mediated regulation in a collaboration with prof. Lieven De Veylder (VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology).

Alexandra Vandervelde

ir. Alexandra Vandervelde has worked on modelling the regulation of the CcdA/CcdB system. She is now supported by a grant of the F.W.O.-Vlaanderen to study the properties of the PaaR2 regulator.

San Hadzi

M. Sc. San Hadži is working on the structural biology and thermodynamics of the HigBA2 TA system from V. cholerae. This project is a collaboration with Prof. Jurij Lah on the Department of Physical Chemistry, FKKT, University of Ljubljana.




Sarah Haesaerts is our expert on protein purification methods.

Maia De Kerpel Maia De Kerpel is our expert on molecular biology and DNA manipulations.

Former group members

Dr. ir. Natalie De Jonge - PhD

Dr. Koen Verschueren - PostDoc

Dr. Stephanie Ramboarina - PostDoc

M.Sc. Sintayehu Shenkutie - PhD student

Dr. Sophie Vanwetswinkel - PostDoc

Dr. ir. Yann Sterckx - PhD

Dr. Maria de los Angeles Ceregido-Perez - PhD

Dr. Abel Garcia-Pino - PhD & PostDoc

Dr. ir. Anneleen Vuchelen - PhD

Dr. ir. Ellen Hubin - PhD

Dr. Radu Huculeci - PhD & PostDoc

Dr. Lucia Rubio-Fernandez - PhD

M.Sc. Karen Van de Water - PhD student

Dr. Valentina Zorzini - PhD


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